Luck O' The Jackpot

Game Objective:

Luck O’ The Jackpot is a slot game including The Big One jackpot. This game is played on a unique reel display of 2, 2, 3, 4, 4 symbols per reel for 192 ways to win. When 3 or more scatter symbols appear on the game view, the bonus game feature is triggered. The feature screen with the wine cave and 9 closed barrels is displayed where the player is required to click on any 3 barrels to collect random number of free spins and multipliers. During free games, any 3 or more scatters retrigger the original number of free games.

Game Information:

  • The game rules and payouts are identical in both the real-money and play-money modes, except that play-money mode does not contribute to the jackpot amount.
  • Jackpots cannot be won during play-money games.

The Big One jackpot:

The Big One jackpot consists of five jackpots at different levels; the levels are - from the lowest to the highest – the Blitz Cash Jackpot, the Quick Cash Jackpot, the Super Cash Jackpot, the Mega Cash Jackpot and the Colossal Cash Jackpot. All five jackpots grow progressively as bets are placed. For each spin, the house adds a small credit to each of the five running jackpots. All five levels in The Big One jackpot can be won irrespective of hitting any winning combination while betting any amount. The jackpot is triggered randomly. The larger the wager, the higher the chances of cracking a jackpot will be.

Free spins cannot trigger jackpots.

How to play:

  • Setting 'BETS': When you enter the game, a default bet is set. You can change the bet per win by clicking the  or  buttons available on either side of the BET meter.
  • The bet is 50 times the bet per win and is shown near BET in the lower left of the screen.
  • MAX BET: Click on MAX BET  to select the maximum possible bet. If your balance is not sufficient, this option will be disabled.
  • Paytable: The Paytable can be viewed either by clicking the  button located in bottom of game screen beside ‘BET’ label or by clicking  button located at the bottom of the screen beside Ways to win text. The prizes displayed in the Paytable are per unit bet, and are shown as multipliers. You can go back to the game by clicking on the  button on the Paytable screen.
  • Spin: The SPIN button  in the lower right corner starts the game.
  • Volume:  icon will play the game music. Click on  icon will mute the volume .
  • CREDITS: Your remaining game balance, after you have placed the desired bet, is shown in ‘BALANCE’ meter i.e. the current game balance minus the total bet placed.
  • When playing with multiple options and conditions selected, the condition that is satisfied first will take precedence over the others, and the remaining selected conditions will be disabled. You can then choose to either select the same set of options again or opt for new option(s) and proceed with the game.
  • Repeat bet/change bet: The default bet for the next spin will be the same as the amount you wagered on the previous spin. Just click on 'SPIN' to place the same bet again. To change your bet, increase the bet meter shown on the game screen.­
  • All winning symbols will be animated in addition to jackpot location animation and background animations.
  • The total win amount is shown in the WIN meter at the bottom right of the screen.
  • Your remaining game balance is shown near the BALANCE meter at the bottom of the screen.

Browser Button Panel Commands:

  • Click on Game Rules to view the detailed rules of the game as web page.
  • Click on Game Logs to view the logs of the games you've played.
  • Click on Responsible Gaming to open Responsible Gaming page.
  • Click on Real/Play to switch between real-money or play-money mode.
  • Click on Star to add or remove game from your favorites.
  • Click on the Deposit  button to deposit money into your account.
  • The Game logs functionality is applicable only for the real-money game play.

Game Rules:

  • Select SPIN to begin the game with the currently selected BET.
  • BET amount can be changed by using the - and + buttons.
  • The total bet is 50 times bet per win.
  • All wins are multiplied by bet per win.
  • All wins, except jackpots, are paid according to the Paytable.
  • Only the highest win on each possible way will be paid.
  • Jackpots wins are paid as shown.
  • All symbols pay left to right, starting with the left most reel, except for scatters and jackpots.
  • Scatters pay anywhere in view.
  • Way wins, scatter wins and jackpots wins are added.
  • If you have 2 or more matching symbols (including wild substitutes), you will receive a payout as defined in the Paytable.
  • All possible winning combinations are added to your total.
  • Players are responsible for ensuring correct bet selection.


Jackpot game:

  • The Big One jackpot can be triggered anytime, either during normal spin.
  • The main screen then changes to jackpot screen after the user has won jackpot game in which all the jackpots and their values are listed on the left side area and a wheel is displayed on the right side area.
  • There are 5 different jackpots, each of which has a unique colour. All five colours are shown on the wheel:
  • The orange colour represents the Blitz Cash Jackpot.
  • The red colour represents the Quick Cash Jackpot.
  • The blue colour represents the Super Cash Jackpot.
  • The green colour represents the Mega Cash Jackpot.
  • The lavender colour represents the Colossal Cash Jackpot.
  • The SPIN button is shown on the right side area. By clicking on the SPIN button, the wheel rotates and stops on a particular colour and the respective jackpot is awarded.
  • When a particular jackpot is cracked, a pop-up is shown on the jackpot screen which displays the type of jackpot and the amount awarded. By clicking on 'OK' in the pop-up, it navigates to main game screen.
  • If multiple jackpots are cracked at the same time, by clicking on 'OK' in the pop-up, the 'SPIN' button on the jackpot screen is enabled to continue further game play.
  • You can see the current values of all five jackpots in the right side area of the main game screen.
  • The more you wager, the higher your chances of cracking the jackpot will be.
  • Jackpot contribution/RTP is 3.004%

Feature game play:

  • When 3 or more Scatter symbols appear on the game view, the feature game is triggered. The player is then moved to the feature screen in which there is a wine cave where 9 closed barrels and text are displayed with an explanation: "Select a barrel to reveal free games and multiplier!" will be displayed. When the player chooses 3 barrels, the number of free games and multiplier are added and displayed on the screen. At the end of 3 attempts, the player is shown a message with the number of free games collected and a multiplier.
  • The number of free games awarded are from 6 to 10 and the multiplier awarded is from 1 to 5. After the player has collected free games and a multiplier, they will be taken to the free spins round. The background image for free games is changed. The free spin rounds start and the player should not use the SPIN button for next spin between these rounds.
  • During free games, the bet per win is the same as the game that triggered the feature.
  • During free games, all wins are multiplied by the free game multiplier.
  • During free games, any 3 or more SCATTERS will retrigger the original number of free games.
  • Once all free spin rounds are completed, the player is displayed with a final message that shows the number of rounds played and the amount of money won.


The PAYTABLE can be viewed by clicking on the “i” button.


All symbols pay from left to right, except for scatters.

Return to the Player:

The theoretical return to player of this game is 93.12%.

Adding funds to your account

To add funds to your account, click on ‘Deposit’  button either on the right bottom of the screen or on the “Deposit” button on the lobby, then select the desired deposit method and make the payment.


  • What do I do if I reach my betting limits?
    • If your game balance drops below the minimum bet, message about insufficient money will be automatically presented. To add funds to your account, click on the “DEPOSIT” button in the right bottom of the screen, then select the desired deposit option.
  • I could not complete the game. What should I do?
    • Malfunctions void all pays and plays.
    • If you are still having problems, please contact our 24/7 Customer Service team.

The maximum win from a single game is £250,000

Last modification date: 9/27/2022